Wai Young Will Fight to Protect the Equity in Your Home

September 17, 2019

Vancouver, British Columbia- Last week, Justin Trudeau was in British Columbia to talk about housing, but he failed to mention the secret Liberal plan to introduce a capital gains tax.

In 2018, a senior Trudeau Liberal MP heavily involved in housing policy wrote up a plan for a 50 per cent tax on hard-working Canadians selling their homes.

At a meeting with concerned homeowners, Wai Young, Conservative Party of Canada candidate in Vancouver – South, said today that the secret homeowner tax is exactly the kind of costly new measure a re-elected Liberal government would force upon Canadians.

“For the vast majority of people in Vancouver South, their home is the single largest and most important asset they own. In addition to it being the roof over their head, it is the cornerstone of their economic safety”, said Wai Young. “The hard-working people of Oakridge, Killarney or anywhere in Vancouver – South, should not have to pay the government 50% of the equity growth in their home! Think of the vacations and luxuries that folks have had to sacrifice to pay down their mortgage and build equity, only for it to be taken away by this Liberal government.”

“In public, Justin Trudeau pretends to want to help homeowners, but we’ve experienced this from Trudeau before – he says one thing in public, but behind closed doors, quite another thing is done.” Said Wai Young, “This is another perfect example that Trudeau is just not as advertised.”

“Justin Trudeau has spent the last four years making life harder and more expensive for Canadian families. If the Trudeau Liberals are re-elected, they will continue to reach into our pockets to pay for their out of control spending,” added Young. “Who do you trust to protect the equity in your home and actually help you and your family get ahead? The Liberals are asking you to choose moving forward with them on increased taxes, when we know that only Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives will make life more affordable for you in expensive Vancouver.”


Media Contact:

Katia Hammond