Dear Friend,

I will work hard to make lives more affordable for seniors. As a party and as an individual- I and we respect seniors tremendously- because they are the people that built this country into the great nation that we are. They deserve to be taken care of and invested in.

I recognize that all Canadians, but especially those on fixed incomes, are finding it more difficult to get by financially under the Trudeau government. Justin Trudeau and his government have created a cost-of-living crisis for seniors in our country. They have raised taxes and made everything, such as groceries, home-heating and gas, more expensive.

It is the previous Conservative government that introduced the largest increase to the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) for low-income seniors in 25 years. We also introduced pension splitting, which dramatically reduced taxes for seniors. This is one of the first policies that Justin Trudeau tried to remove in 2015, but the Conservative opposition fought to keep it in place.

We are the government that cares about Canada’s seniors. Justin Trudeau took three years to even assign a minister that was responsible for their unique and interests.

Andrew Scheer and I will fight to make life more affordable for seniors by:

  • Introducing a Seniors Tax Cut
  • Introducing a Universal Tax Cut
  • Scrapping the carbon tax
  • Taking the GST off of home heating bills

Our policies are designed to leave more money in seniors’ pockets, so that they can more easily do things like visiting their grandkids or enjoying a trip away from home.

Please remember to vote either during advanced polls, from October 11th to 14th, or on Election Day, October 21st.

Your country and your family are depending on your vote.

Best regards,

Wai Young

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