October 11th, 2019


Vancouver, British Columbia– Exactly one month into the Canadian federal election, advanced polls are officially open from October 11th until October 14th, 9AM to 9PM daily  Conservative candidate Wai Young urges residents in Vancouver South to get out this weekend and cast an early ballot.

“In 2015, we experienced a record number of advanced voters. Elections Canada has made voting more accessible this year with longer hours and more advanced polling days.” Says Young. “By taking the time over this long weekend, I believe that Canadians can beat our 2015 record.  The future of our families and our country depend on it.” 

Young gives voters three reasons to cast their ballot over Thanksgiving Weekend: 

1. Avoid the Long Lines

On Election Day, voters often experience long lines and limited parking, which might discourage some from voting at all. People are busy and oftentimes taking an hour or two out of their day to vote is not realistic. Skip the wait time and avoid the lines by casting your vote during Advanced Polling Days. 

2. Vote on the Weekend 

Advanced Polls are taking place during Thanksgiving Weekend, which ensures that voters are not pressured or limited by their weekday responsibilities and routines. By voting early on the weekend, you are ensuring that your voice is heard without having to sacrifice time from work or other responsibilities.  

3. Don’t Miss Out! 

Life is full of surprises – you don’t want a last-minute surprise to stand between you and your vote. Just in case you are unable to make it to the polls on October 21st, cast your vote early and make your voice counts! 

Voters can check their assigned polling stations by visiting the Elections Canada Website or by checking their voter identification card, which was mailed out to all Canadians last week. Voters will need to provide valid identification, such as a driver’s license, in order to be eligible to vote. 

For those unable to cast their ballot this weekend, last chance to vote is Election Day is on October 21st. 

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