October 18th, 2019


Vancouver, British Columbia- With just three days left until the federal election, the momentum of support appears to be swinging towards the Conservatives in Vancouver South. 

“Through door-knocking, I have met many of my neighbours in Vancouver South who are simply fed up with the hypocrisy of Justin Trudeau’s rosy Liberal promises, when his government’s actions have done nothing to live up to them. Even lifetime Liberal supporters are sharing with me that, following an embarrassing term, they can no longer justify another vote for Trudeau.” says Conservative candidate Wai Young. “With four years in office, Justin Trudeau has proved to Canadians that he cannot be trusted.” 

In his campaign in 2015, Justin Trudeau promised that he would be ethical. Instead, he is the first Prime Minister in Canadian history to be found guilty of three ethical violations.  

Wai Young is running against Trudeau’s Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan in Vancouver South.  “Since being elected in 2015, Sajjan has been largely absent from the riding, failing to bring even a single project home from Ottawa. This includes failing to deliver his campaign-promised Sunset Seniors Centre, which members of the local community have been advocating for years.” says Young. 

“As MP from 2011 until 2015, I delivered over 60 major infrastructure projects to the Vancouver area, including the long-awaited Killarney Seniors Centre.” continues Young. “The people in Vancouver South deserve an MP that will deliver for them. More than that, they deserve a government that will make their lives more affordable and that will keep its promises.” 


Media Contact: 

Katia Hammond 
(604) 362 9762

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