By Wai Young
Former Member of Parliament, Candidate for Vancouver South, Conservative Party of Canada

As an immigrant to Canada, hard work, saving money for the future and protecting my family are values that were ingrained in me. While door knocking during this election, many families in Vancouver South have said they share these same values.

From Oakridge to the River District, regardless of which demographic or ethnic group, my neighbours have all experienced life becoming more expensive and unaffordable over the past 4 years. Every time we turn around, transit, gas, groceries, living costs and government taxes have increased. A shocking 50% of Canadian families find it hard to pay their bills at the end of the month. We are working harder than ever, but we are not getting ahead. As a result, businesses are shutting down, families are leaving the city, owning a home or a comfortable retirement has become a dream rather than a reality.

While Canadians are working hard to make ends meet, Harjit Sajjan has been experiencing life differently: $670,000 for private jet flights when regular commercial flights were readily available, $140,000 for the travel costs of a private photographer, $17,000 for a chef to accompany him to India, and the list goes on.

Currently, our government is $730 billion in debt, with interest payments of approximately $34 billion per year. To put this in perspective, $34 billion is what we spend annually on Canada’s Healthcare. Sajjan and his Liberal government added an astronomical $71 billion to that debt in the past four years. Has your life become $71 billion better since 2015 – $71 billion dollars more affordable? 

Remember, it was Justin Trudeau who said during the 2015 election, “I am looking straight at Canadians and being honest…We said we are committed to balanced budgets. And we are. We will balance that budget in 2019.” 

Well, it’s 2019 and we now know that he lied to get your vote in 2015, and he has no intention of balancing the budget. But Trudeau and his Cabinet colleagues still need to find money to pay for their outrageous spending. Where will they get the extra taxes to pay for ballooning interest payments?

In 2016 Trudeau ordered the CRA to require all of us to declare the sale of our principal residence on our tax returns – for the first time in Canadian history. Only 18 months later, in 2018, a senior Liberal involved in developing tax policy proposed a 50% tax on the sale of our principal residences. Stealthy policy steps.

Many of you know that I have been a policy consultant and advisor for over 35 years for all levels of government. I have been in rooms where policy is created. This is how government changes things on unsuspecting taxpayers. Steady, incremental moves towards a goal.

Government doesn’t create money; it just spends your money. There is no wand they can wave to magically create more money. But slick politicians have learned how to market taxes to guilt us into paying more. The Liberals are adept at this, using virtue signaling at every opportunity. This year, they imposed a “tax on everything”, and marketed it as a “Carbon” Tax. It does nothing but goes into general revenue to pay their bills.

Their endless, irresponsible spending is what has made our lives more unaffordable. Money taken from our pockets.

And should they be re-elected on Monday? Sajjan and his Liberals will have to find new sources of taxes to pay for their endless deficits. A new capital gains tax on your principal residence? I will let you decide if that is what you want.

After all, it’s your home, which you scraped together a down payment to buy, or denied yourself holidays to pay down the mortgage on, so you and your family could have a secure future. But the Liberals don’t see how hard you’ve worked for your home security. All they see is another way of reaching into your pocket to pay for their spending.

How do we protect ourselves and actually make life more affordable in expensive Vancouver? How do we protect our future and build, not drive away, opportunities for our children’s future? We must vote for a government that lives within its means.

I am running in this election because I have children who can’t afford a home, I am running because I’ve experienced how unaffordable life is, I am running to protect my home, and I am running because it’s time for a change.

Canada can recover from the dangerous SNC scandal which revealed that Trudeau and his cronies believe they are above the law, the multiple Blackface incidents shaming Canada internationally, and the hugely disappointing Stolen Valour scandal of Harjit Sajjan.

Canadians are both resourceful and optimistic. We can rebound from the failed Trudeau government. On Monday, vote Conservative. Let’s make life more affordable and protect our future.

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