Advocating for a real, balanced plan that is realistic and achievable.

Wai Young recognizes that families and youth in Vancouver South need a government that will fight to protect Canada’s environment. A Conservative government has a Real Plan to Protect Our Environment, based on three guiding principles. 

First, a Conservative government will address the problem at its core by focusing on green technology, instead a carbon taxes which becomes general revenue for Liberal spending, . Emitters who exceed the limits will be required to invest in technology that will lower emissions to fight climate change. This will create more jobs in Canada, while at the same time lowering global emissions. 

Second, a Conservative government will work to make our buildings greener. In 2017, emissions from buildings accounted for 12% of Canada’s total greenhouse gas emissions. By introducing a Green Homes Tax Credit, Canadians will be encouraged to improve their homes with emission-building technologies. With this tax credit, Canadians will be eligible for a 20% refundable credit on their income tax for green improvements to their homes of over $1,000 and up to $20,000. 

Finally, a Conservative government will work to take the climate change global, by encouraging big polluters to invest in our green technology.  

By voting for Wai Young and the Conservatives, you are voting for an Environmental Plan that is realistic and achievable.