Wai Young believes in supporting local police to fight neighbourhood crime in Vancouver South. While knocking on doors, Wai met many families who have experienced rising crime in their neighbourhood. With increasing reports of break-ins in homes and cars throughout Vancouver South and rising drug use among youth with the recent legalization of cannabis, Wai recognizes that neighbourhood crime is a major concern among residents. Our local community policing centres, along with the men and women in our police force, work incredibly hard to keep us safe. Having served on the federal Standing Committee on Public Safety, Wai will ensure that our federal government has the balance that it needs between law enforcement, legislation, and resources in neighbourhoods to protect you and your family. 

In addition to tackling local crime, a Conservative government is committed to tougher sentencing and enhanced border security, so that drugs, weapons and criminals from across the border are stopped before entering Canada and putting our community at risk.