Investing in infrastructure for better transit, and building a Sunset Community Centre

Wai Young recognizes that Vancouver South is one of the most under-served areas for transit options in the city of Vancouver. Local residents struggle with congested traffic, lack of parking spaces, and limited options for transit. Wai realizes that this is a major issue for families and youths in the Sunset neighbourhood and will fight  to bring more transit options to Vancouver South. 

Wai also recognises the need for a Sunset Seniors Centre. As MP for Vancouver South in 2011, Wai brought home federal funding for the Killarney Seniors Centre, at Killarney Community Centre, and will do the same to champion the voice of Sunset residents for the building of a local seniors centre. 

During her term as MP, Wai left a solid track record of advocating for community initiatives, and helped deliver over 50 infrastructure projects to Vancouver, unlike her Liberal successor, who has been unable to initiate any local projects.