Improving immigrant credential recognition and language training.

An immigrant herself, Wai Young has lived the important role a fair, legal and welcoming immigration system plays towards contributing to our diverse communities like Vancouver South. Having volunteered for a decade at the Strathcona Community Centre, and as a former policy advisor and program specialist with the Canada Immigration, Wai Young designed policy and implemented major immigration settlement programs like free language training across Canada, foreign accreditation, and funded welcome and integration services for agencies like SUCCESS, MOSAIC, ISS, and many others. 

Wai has also worked extensively with many non-profit organizations such as the Social Planning and Research Council of BC, the Association of Neighbourhood Houses, and others to integrate welcome and support programs for immigrants directly as well as social planning frameworks in cities throughout B.C. and across Canada. 

Wai Young and a Conservative government will work to do even more for credential recognition and language training for new immigrants, while prioritizing economic immigration and family re-unification. As a foster mother who raised 7 children in her home, 3 from refugee camps abroad, having been the Chair of the Refugee Committee of the BC Mennonite Central Committee, and program specialist for Canada Immigration, Wai supports the need to resolve the illegal border crossing crisis which has created backlogs within the legal immigration system and has threatened security in Canada by bypassing important screening and review processes which protect Canada. 

With over 35 years of experience working in government policy, Wai Young will stand up and fight for immigrant families by restoring the fairness, order and compassion in our system.