October 16th, 2019


Vancouver, British Columbia– This Liberal government, with Harjit Sajjan as Defense Minister, has done little to prepare Canada for future security challenges, according to a former military colleague of Harjit Sajjan, Retired Col. Lee Hammond.

Hammond, who is currently working on Wai Young’s campaign, served in Afghanistan with Sajjan in 2009 and frequently speaks out against his former colleague’s position:  

“[Harjit Sajjan] has been a caretaker Minister, in a Government that cares little for national security, which falls far short of what the Defence Minister needs to deliver to prepare Canada for future security challenges. Our military, in which Sajjan served as a Reserve Officer, remains as unarmed and ill-equipped as it was when he took over”.” says Hammond.  Hammond references several Liberal blunders, including the Liberal decision to supply the Canadian air-force with used 30-year-old F-18 fighter jets, rather than new ones, and their unethical campaign against Vice Admiral Mark Norman. 

Hammond founded and led the GoFundMe that raised more than $400,000 to support Norman’s legal campaign last year. “Of course,” Hammond continues. “This financial support did nothing to salvage Norman’s reputation, which was utterly destroyed by the Liberal’s smear campaign.”

All charges were dropped against Norman earlier this year. 

“As Defence Minister, Harjit Sajjan stood by while Trudeau’s government did their very best to destroy the reputation and finances of the second highest ranking officer in the Canadian forces.” says Hammond. “Today, the senior leadership of the Canadian Forces live in fear of becoming political pawns and victims to the benefit of their former colleague [Sajjan] and his Liberal cronies.” 

Sajjan’s ethics had already been called into question when he falsely claimed to be the architect of Operation Medusa- an important mission conducted in Afghanistan in 2006. 

“Although Sajjan contributed to Operation Medusa, he was neither the architect, nor involved in the planning process.” says Hammond. “By exaggerating his involvement, he disrespected his former colleagues and committed ‘stolen valour’, which is considered to be one of the worst ethical crimes a veteran can commit.”  

“Harjit Sajjan has demonstrated both as Vancouver South’s MP and Canada’s Defence Minister that he is no more ethical or capable than his leader.” says Sajjan’s opponent Wai Young. “Canadians deserve better.” 


Media Contact: 

Katia Hammond 


(604) 362 9762

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