Dirty Politics in Vancouver South

October 14th, 2019

Vancouver, British Columbia– Wai Young, Conservative Candidate in Vancouver South, has lost over 30% of her election signs due to theft and vandalism since the election kicked off on September 11th.

Wai Young is running against Harjit Sajjan, the failed Liberal Defense Minister who was caught lying about his military record.

Some of the rampant, targeted, vandalism has been caught on video. In some cases the license plates have been recorded. All of it has been reported to Elections Canada. Stealing or defacing any campaign signs is a federal criminal offence.

“It’s hurtful and dangerous” says Wai Young.” I worry about our democracy.”

“It is a sad reflection of a failing Liberal campaign” said Derek Palaschuk, legal counsel for the Wai Young campaign. “Quite frankly I’m disappointed. Vancouver deserves better.”

Palaschuk continued “based upon what I have seen, these perpetrators will be caught.”

Video evidence of this illegal activity can be found here. 

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