October 15th, 2019


Advance voting in Vancouver South increased by a whopping 24% from a previous historic high and in line with national indications that Canadians were eager to cast their vote early.

“I believe that this initial result, with an amazing 24% increase over the previous record, confirms to our team exactly what we have heard directly from voters at the doors over the past number of weeks. People are fed up and want change. High turn-out is rarely positive for incumbents.” said Wai Young, Vancouver South Conservative candidate. 

Young continued “voters want to stop the Liberals from imposing more taxes, like the Liberal’s potential capital gains tax on primary homes of up to 50%, and gas prices rising to $2.00 per litre for their carbon tax increases over the next 4 years. If the Liberals win government, there will be no end to tax increases to pay for their outrageous spending, resulting in endless Liberal deficits.”

“Many supporters I spoke with this weekend couldn’t wait to go cast their ballots in order to send a strong message to the Trudeau Liberals – that Canadians won’t tolerate another four years of economic mismanagement, excessive tax increases, and ineptitude with our trading partners.” says Young.

Media Contact: 
Katia Hammond
(604) 362 9762

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