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October 20, 2019

Protecting Your Future

In 2016 Trudeau ordered the CRA to require all of us to declare the sale of our principal residence on our tax returns – for the first time in Canadian history. Only 18 months later, in 2018, a senior Liberal involved in developing tax policy proposed a 50% tax on the sale of our principal residences. Stealthy policy steps. […]

Government doesn’t create money; it just spends your money. There is no wand they can wave to magically create more money. But slick politicians have learned how to market taxes to guilt us into paying more. The Liberals are adept at this, using virtue signaling at every opportunity. This year, they imposed a “tax on everything”, and marketed it as a “Carbon” Tax. It does nothing but goes into general revenue to pay their bills. […]

And should they be re-elected on Monday? Sajjan and his Liberals will have to find new sources of taxes to pay for their endless deficits. A new capital gains tax on your principal residence? I will let you decide if that is what you want. […]

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